Wildlife Photography Courses

Cornwall - Devon - Somerset

I offer a one to one or one to two wildlife photography  courses, aimed at making you a better wildlife photographer for years to come.

Being one to one or one to two tution means you will get my full attention, plus its a minimum disruption to the wildlife. Depending on your ability, I can I help teach you and advise on camera settings and getting best from your equipment.

Field craft including locating and spotting wildlife, stalking and reading the animal tracks but with good countryside ethics. Getting the shot is not the ultimate goal, taking a photograph of a wild animal then creeping away without it being scared is the ideal outcome.

If you would like to be able to capture wildlife in its natural habitat, then i would love to share my skills that i have learnt over the years.

£180.00 per day per person

£300 per day for 2 people

Wildlife Photographer
Peter Haken
Wildlife Photography Courses